My Public Statement on Flight MH370

Due to overwhelming outpouring from people around the world and news media outlets requests for comment, it is with the heaviest heart that I release this statement. My logical brain understands the interest in the position my love and business partner, Kaiden and I found ourselves in after Flight MH370 went missing. My logical brain isn’t working well right now. I’m sorry.

The Media has been out reaching to us, via my contact info, and have been kind and courteous. I commend that. Each Media representative has voiced their own sorrow for MH370 victims and loved ones. As of yet, neither Kaiden nor I have responded to Media inquires or requests. I genuinely do not know how.

Kaiden is my best friend, my buddy, my guy. He’s man I love with all of my heart, even if I didn’t realize it in full, before this. The moment I feared he was gone from earth was excruciating. There are no words to convey the overwhelming relief or gratitude that flooded me when I saw his tweets to me. When I was able to reach out and touch his cheek, I felt like the most unworthy human in our entire race. My gratitude is that profound. I am not ignoring the Media or those reaching out, I am simply unable to put to words how this has changed my life perspective.

That I am in my position and not in the position of MH370’s loved ones, is unfathomable.

If I had one thing to say to anyone enduring through the loss of Flight MH370 it would be I am so very sorry. I am sorry for your pains, your troubles, your sorrows, and fears. I am sorry for any losses you endure. I am sorry you had to even know of myself or Kaiden and our connection to a flight neither of us were on. May courage, comfort and compassion blanket each of you. I honor your loved ones. I honor each of you. I’m deeply sorry for all you’re going through.

There are no adequate words to give. Many, many people are enduring what I can only envision as a personal hell. My heart aches so deeply for them. So I ask, gently and timidly, please, focus on them. They need you!

I’m just a dumb girl who freaked out on Twitter, thought she’d face the worst and became the luckiest woman on earth. I don’t deserve it, or know why. But that is all I am.

Universe be easy, gentle, and tender to all; please.

Cylithria Dubois – @Cylithria
March 10, 2014

8 thoughts on “My Public Statement on Flight MH370

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  3. Nicely handled. You should be very proud of yourself for this compassionate post. Your relief must have been mind blowing to say the least. May you live long in each others embrace lucky lady. xo.

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