I am Cylithria

My name is Cylithria Dubois. I am the owner and author of Cylithria.me Welcome!

I started this website because while I enjoy the life I have managed to build, I miss the me that I am.  I’ve been on the Internet since before there was a WWW. I remember crying the day the ARPANET was shut down.  And as happens, I tried (and often Beta Tested) a great many of today’s web features, back when they were cheeseball ideas that most users knew nothing of. In other words, in some form or fashion, I’ve been here in Cyber Space for a very long time.

I rarely used the Internet as a social gathering spot until the very first blog I started, received a comment. Oh Sure, I gamed (and chatted) and I USENET’d and BBB’d and Message Boarded – but mostly for knowledge exchange, not to know how my fellow netziens cooked their tacos or if their dog shit on their couch. When I first began to blog, I didn’t do it for any of you to read. I did it to attempt to exorcise some of the many demons I had or thought I had. I did it for me. And I LOVED IT.

The story or stories I started on that original blog, were true to life – except where duty called and I had to lie. They were posted in either short form or epic length; dependent on the story. And 99% of them came from my life. I’ll be honest here and admit, back then, I did not know my life was far different then most peoples. I truly didn’t. I didn’t understand back then that I am who I am, and that alone spurred the incredible, movie like life events I have lived through. I didn’t know that.  So when people I did not know suddenly began stumbling somehow into my blog, and……some of you have been friends since…..and they said things like “You should write your life story” or “My God your life is like a movie” and I thought they were kind, ass kissing weirdos from the interwebz.

I have grown up a lot since then. I have spent many years now in this world as a Civilian. I have learned. And now, here, I am telling you my visitor, my life has been like a damn movie.  It blows my mind to even admit that.  As my peers were living much more “typical or traditional” lives, I was unknowingly out doing the undo-able, being the unbe-able and living through the unlivable.  No Shit, There I was……


The fact that I have been, done, seen, created, lived through so much greatness doesn’t make me better then anyone. I am not stronger, smarter, luckier, better, prettier, more blessed or somehow above others. I am not! I am just a girl. I am just me, no more – no less.  That’s all I’ve ever been. Just me.

I am the girl they call a liar. Because, “No one does that.” *shrug*

I am the one they google in order to prove I am a fake and a fraud and a liar. *shrug*

I am the one they get enraged with because when I say it, I mean it. Period. *shrug*

I am the one who has dead kids, dead family, dead friends, secret undercover life stories, and no real biological family to speak of. *shrug*

I am the one who chooses to opt someone into MY Family. Within my family now, as it exists, each member is family only because I choose them to be. I am not straddled with obligatory niceness to “family”.  *shrug*

I am the one who will always say, “I can’t do this,” when I can’t. I say it so rarely, that others deem me arrogant. *Shrug*

I am the one volunteering locally, globally, cyberly, not for any other reason then I love to do such. Others think I do it for attention. *shrug*

I am the one who will cut ties with you and consider you dead to me the moment I deem something about you as “no way”. Others say I do it to cause issues. *shrug*

I will keep your secrets, be your friend, worry with and for you, aid you and always think of you even when my own life choices keep me away from you or lengths of time. I will laugh through the hardest of times, cry when it hurts, and spout belief in you, myself and others because I do believe.

I am just me. I have learned life is meant to be lived. Sweet Butter Jesus I have and continue to live the nine hells out of my life. Just because over the years a bunch of people with the power to FB, Google, or Bing me say I am something, doesn’t make it so and I just remembered that folks. During the last year of harsher times, I’d forgotten it and tried to stay hidden from public scrutiny. Screw that. With a plunger.

In real life now, I am a Ghostwriter. No, I won’t tell you what I’ve written. I am a Ghostwriter damnit. You will never know my name on my works, even if you have read them. I have written since I was 14. First published at 15. Not once in all those years have I told, nor will I now.

I can be found at a great many Non Profit Organizations, many Not-for-Profit Agencies and a number of Conventions where I step up, take positions and do what I can. I lecture in schools. I write speeches, and I am a basic freelancer in many many areas. That;s the short form of what I do. My day job so to speak. It wasn’t always my day job, it is now.

I used to be: Insert endless list of careers/positions here.  There are many reasons I have done so much and had so many of those positions, and if you stick around, you’ll find out why. Eventually.

But after all that, the reality is. I am Cylithria. How you have come to know me, may be one of the many facets of me that you have been exposed to. Please don’t think I’m not multi faceted, because – I AM.  I have and use great personal power to bring the act of living to full force in my life. There is no way I could ever be just one facet. Ever. I can’t do that!

This site is neither professional or personal, folks. This site is me.

In 2012, I lost someone whose whole life was spent in service to others. It shook me to the core. When he used to speak to me via phone, he’d ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I’d tell him. He’d reply and say “Why ain’t ya doing it then Lith?” and I’d always say “because I had this, this, this, this to do first cuz that’s how it’s done.”  He’d laugh sadly and tell me to let him know when I finally got it. He’s gone now, but I finally got it. He called me the Noise. I miss him.

I am The Noise. It’s time I make some.

I’ll swear, be kind, be pissy and be around!

I won’t edit myself here. I may write professionally, but not here. Here is home, and editing be damned. So expect typos, bad grammar and some of the most heinous misspellings in the history of words.

To those who still read, and wanted to know about me professionally, I’m not good at tooting my own horn and I feel like a dork listing my skill set. My most valuable skill-set? I know what I can do, and better yet, what I can’t.  So email if you’re seeking to hire me. You won’t regret it.

So, my name is Cylithria and this is my growing website. This page is About Me, but if you want to get to know me, stick around – this page didn’t tell you shit! Thanks for reading though.



12 thoughts on “I am Cylithria

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  2. Hey! Thanks for the like and the follow! The first of many (ha!) to follow my blog. Hope you enjoy my posts and look forward to reading your blog too!

    • Wow! Hiya Cyndelbee. I really enjoyed your site, and maybe the no more, no less of me is why. You have a great zest for life. I look forward to learning more. Thank you for stopping by lady :D

  3. Hello! My name is Sylvia Nicolaides and the reason I am writing to you is because i was so touched by your story concerning the flight. I had a very similar experience. I was supposed to be on the HELIOS HCY 522 flight flying from Cyprus to Prague (through Athens) and i had to cancel 4 days earlier because of an emergency. The plane eventually crashed on August 14, 2005 leaving no survivors. My life completely changed after that. I wanted to ask you if you could please contact me. At the moment, i am writing my Masters Thesis on the topic ‘What if’ and i would very much appreciate if you find some time to talk to me. You can find me at http://www.sylvianicolaides.com

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